Monday, October 7, 2013

Stop! It's Not Hammertime

Because we can't work--or make our employees work--all the time, we schedule in breaks that are both relaxation and team-building. What better way to do both than attend the free "tour "of NOLA Brewery? It was also a farewell to Joe (bottom right), who is leaving us for St. Louis. But first, a team picture.
We look so young!
We say "tour" because it's not as if someone marches you through the facility explaining how beer gets made while you wait impatiently for the moment you're allowed to demonstrate how beer is consumed. No, there is a sign to your left reading "Tap Room," filled with lovely beer and some very friendly and frantically hard-working in-house pourers. Beer procured, you may cross the vast warehouse space and gaze at the vats (roped off), sipping your brew and saying wise things to each other like, "Big vats." "Yup," someone will answer.
Where the magic happens

And then you pull out chairs and settle in to drink and chat with your friends and generally have a fantastic time in a very cool local space for the low cost of nothing. The line was long but once you're in, there's plenty of room to move around, play a few games, marvel at the machinery, and decompress after a long day of making broke-down buildings strong again.

Also, dragons!
Left, dragons; right beer

So thank you, NOLA Brewery. Mark, Jackson, Jeff ....

... Joe ...

... and Eric (yes, this picture is fuzzy; don't judge us) had a wonderful time--urrp--and we will do it again soon.