Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Updates: Personnel

Kerby & Co. has undergone a lot of wild and exciting developments during the past year. This blog is meant to help our friends, family, clients, coworkers and potential clients know us and our company as well as possible. Y'all are due more than a few quick updates. Today, personnel.

Morris (see earlier post) had to return to Houston because of family obligations.  We sorely miss him and his contributions.  But as the saying goes, stoop to find a lost nickel, you might find a quarter. What, there's no such saying? Oh well.  Not long after we lost Morris, it became obvious that Jackson and I weren't handling the slack.  So we asked an acquaintance if she had any time or desire to help out.

We're now happy to have on our team as an office manager and chief go-getter, the sophisticated, talented former Washington Post Express senior arts editor and newly published novelist, Arion Berger (left, blogging from the film festival in glamorous Cannes, France).

What's more, we finally persuaded Eric Christison (below, doing something important on the PVC deck of the Du Mois gallery on Freret St.) of Earthslinger, LLC, to join our team as a full-time carpenter. Earthslinger still offers natural clay applications on a selective basis.

Most importantly, Mark Steuer (pictured at left turning the Love Shack in to a Love Palace) has reached a full year working with us. Time and again he has proved himself a valuable, reliable and increasingly talented helper and carpenter in his own right.

He's done great work for us and our clients, and learned as much about the craft of renovation as anyone could during a year.  In return, we've managed to infect him with a lust for the finest, priciest tools. And, it seems that we failed to have any photos of Mark and his incredible, recently shaven, genuine Wyatt Earp mustache. Pity.