Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Year and A Third??

So it's been a while.  All apologies to everyone who keeps track (Mom).  Honest, it's not because we've been lounging around living off our lottery winnings.  We've done quite a bit of work on this place:

That's the little apartment in the back of our house, occupying the up and downstairs section of the old Slave Quarters.  

And this place, we've done quite a bit of work taking it from blight to almost beautiful:

Plus this former messy storage area, now a halfway-finished apartment in our downstairs:

And, of course, the girls, the five young ladies new to our family:

And, most importantly, this guy:

That's Morris, who joined Kerby & Company in October 2012.  (He's getting ready for a wedding in that photo, but he does always dress better than us.)  Morris has the reins of our sales and financial departments.

More on all the above to come.  Thanks for looking.  Jeff K